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"2015 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery", "Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc."

Go Dropless Therapy Featured at Ophthalmy Congress

Go Dropless Therapy Featured at Ophthalmy Congress

San Diego-based company Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is wrapping up a series of physician presentations and other events at the 2015 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Symposium and Congress, which took place between April 17 and 21 in San Diego, California.

Imprimis’ CEO, Mark L. Baum, hosted an informational speech on the company’s campaign Go Dropless, which was launched a year ago, and the LessDrops campaign, which was recently launched at the Go Dropless and LessDrops Reception last Saturday. In addition, nine physicians shared their surgical experiences as current prescribers of Imprimis’ formulations.

“It is a privilege to participate at the ASCRS Symposium and Congress taking place in our home town of San Diego,” said Baum. “Interest in our innovative ophthalmic drug formulations continues to grow and we look forward to visiting with and hosting our friends and customers in the ophthalmology community. This venue also provides us with the opportunity to share the experience of our Dropless Therapy injectable and Combination Drop Therapy topical formations with new physicians and their staffs who have not yet heard our message.”

The Dropless Therapy is a unique injectable compounded formulation expected to reduce the requirement for eye drops in patients who were submitted to ocular surgery and it is currently pending patent approval. During the conference, a series of sessions discussed the use of Dropless Therapy, as physicians who already implemented it report advantages such as an increase in patient compliance, cost decrease or decreased post-operative physician care.

Eric D. Donnenfield, MD, discussed the Controversies in Anterior Segment Surgery: “Dropless Drug Delivery—Should We Be Transitioning to This Now?” in a presentation that took place last Sunday. The same day, David F. Chang, MD, Kent Stiverson, MD, and Robert J. Weinstock, MD, presented on Cataract Dilemmas and Controversies: “Intracameral Antibiotics/Topical Versus Dropless Cataract Surgery (Safety and Cost/Efficiencies).”

In addition, the theme “Dropless Cataract Surgery: Transzonular Placement of Antibiotic and Steroid for Postoperative Prophylaxis after Cataract Surgery” was presented by M. Stewart Galloway, MD, James S. Lewis, MD, Jeffrey T. Liegner, MD,Richard Lindstrom, MD, and Ahad Mahootchi, MD, on Monday, as well as the topic Cataract Medications: “Cystoid Macular Edema Rates with Intravitreal Transzonular Antibiotic/Steroid Prophylaxis,” which was hosted by M. Stewart Galloway, MD and Jeffrey T. Liegner, MD.

The conference also included Dr. Robert H. Osher’s annual “New Technologies” symposium, during which the Dropless Therapy will be discussed, and a 2015 FDA Symposium held by the ASCRS on the drug compounding and the role of novel drugs on ophthalmology.

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