DIAGNOS Announces Screening Program For Vision-Threatening Diseases (VTD)

DIAGNOS Announces Screening Program For Vision-Threatening Diseases (VTD)

shutterstock_128857243DIAGNOS Inc., a Canadian company focused on healthcare technical services such as screening, development of software, image processing and data analysis, recently announced that its screening program for Vision-Threatening Diseases (VTD) will now be offered to AZUR retirement residences’ clientele.

The DIAGNOS screening program will be gradually introduced into the 40 AZUR residences, which are administrated by the management firm COGIR. The corporation’s VTD services for screening will make the prevention, detection and management of several eyes diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) more accessible for the elderly.

DIAGNOS’ Director of Business Development, Mr. Martin Beland, said in a press release that he is proud of the progress the Corporation has achieved in the area of diagnosing and treating Vision-Threatening Diseases, with a special emphasis on how their technology can help seniors: “After having seen their parents, aunts, brothers and friends gradually lose the use of their eyes, many elderly people believe, wrongly, that such a sad state of affairs also lies in store for them. However, with the help of an innovative platform exploiting enhanced retinal images as offered by DIAGNOS, coupled with advances in medical technology and the latest pharmaceutical discoveries, many forms of treatment can now halt the progression of and, in some cases, even reverse or completely cure eye diseases.”

DIAGNOS corporation was founded in 1998 and its mission, according to DIAGNOS’ official website, is “to make available, to companies of all sizes and markets, the knowledge hidden in their data by offering professional services and simple, user-friendly solutions. DIAGNOS helps you analyze your historical data in order to better predict the future, thus improving your decision making process.”

Cataracts are a type of Vision-Threatening Disease (VTD), characterized by a cloudy formation inside the lens of the eye, making it opaque, and leading to a reduction in vision capability. In particular, it is an eye condition that disproportionately affects the elderly. Deployment of the DIAGNOS VTD services will allow management firms like COGIR to offer retirees easy access to the health tools needed to safely and effectively correct cataracts in the elderly, leading to an improved quality of life.



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