Ophthalmic Surgeon Highlights More Choices Regarding Cataract Surgery

Ophthalmic Surgeon Highlights More Choices Regarding Cataract Surgery

shutterstock_154754276Estimates indicate that 20.5 million Americans over 40 years old suffer from cataracts. Therefore, it expected that the number of Americans undergoing cataract surgery will increase.

However, in spite of the growth in cataract cases, thanks to advances in science and health, those diagnosed with cataracts can now have their healthy vision restored. Dr. Michael Caruso, who is an ophthalmic surgeon at Atlantic Eye Center, said in a press release:  “We now have progressed to a 15 minute outpatient procedure. The hospital has been eliminated completely, laboratory tests are minimal and most patients may continue their medications pre-operatively.”

Dr. Caruso, a board-certified eye surgeon and a medical ophthalmologist, opened the Cape Cataract Center, an ambulatory center for surgery focused on eye procedures. This center is located in Cape May Court House and is equipped with the most advanced instruments and equipment available for cataract surgery.

In addition, patients are helping to define the type of Intraocular Lens (IOL) that will be used. Dr Caruso noted: “The IOL replaces the natural lens in your eye. Before the first IOL was approved in 1981, there was no real replacement. Patients had to wear thick eyeglasses or special contact lenses in order to see once we removed the natural lens. Until fairly recently, we were limited in the type of IOLs that were available, so it was only natural for the physician to decide which was the right fit for the patient. Today, the patients help to determine which lens will be used.”

The insertion, position, and finally the healing of the lens is highly affected by the type of lens that the patients select, explained Dr. Caruso. Three types of lenses can be chosen: a standard type of lens for distance, high-tech ones that provide better night vision and provide astigmatic reduction, and  a multifocal lens that enables the capability of seeing near, intermediate and far.

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